Boiler maintenance in the New Year

Facing a full boiler breakdown can be a significant challenge. But one way to prevent this is with regular boiler maintenance. So for your new years resolution, boiler maintenance should be top of the list. But what is boiler maintenance? And how will it help?

Boiler servicing

A big part of boiler maintenance is the annual boiler servicing. This will involve a professional gas engineer visiting your home and conducting a full investigation and report into your boiler. As a result, any potential issues, or areas of wear and tear will be highlighted, and you will have the opportunity to repair these, before a full boiler breakdown will happen.

During a full boiler service, a professional will test all the individual parts of your boiler for performance and functionality, and record the results. They will also clean each of these components, as this will help keep them working more efficiently, for longer.

Boiler maintenance in the New Year

On top of your annual boiler service, you should maintain your boiler with some easy to follow tips:

  • during the summer months when you are not using your central heating system, you should power it on once a month to keep everything in top working order
  • you should keep your boiler dust free, as small pieces of dust, dirt and debris can cause your boiler to perform poorly or lead to more wear and tear on various boiler parts
  • you should make sure you have adequate frost protection if you keep your boiler in the garage or basement
  • you can monitor the boiler pressure regularly, by checking the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler. Any changes to this indicate a problem within your system, and you can calla professional to prevent a full boiler breakdown

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