Signs it is time to replace your boiler

Boilers tend to be unnoticed in most households, at least until something goes wrong. If you are noticing that your boiler is encountering more and more issues on a regular basis, you might be wondering if this needs to be replaced. But a boiler is a big investment, so how do you know when it is the right time to replace it? Well, here at Charter Heating, we are leading boiler, heating and gas experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about boiler replacements, and the signs it is time to replace your boiler.

What are the most common signs it is time to replace your boiler?

There are a couple of key indicators that you can watch out for when deciding whether or not to replace your boiler. These indicators include:

  • Loud noises- if your boiler is making loud clunking noises, or even high pitched whistling noises, this definitely needs to be checked over by a professional heating engineer. Usually these noises are caused by a build up of limescale in the pipes, as well as within the heating element of the boiler itself. This build up of limescale and calcium deposits can make it increasingly difficult for the boiler to heat to the right temperature, meaning that your boiler will need to use more fuel, and efficiency will fall. In some cases, this cannot be repaired effectively and a replacement boiler will be necessary.
  • Switching off- a boiler that switches off sporadically is more than an inconvenience. It could indicate that the boiler is receiving the wrong signal from the thermostat or the valve, which can be a complicated electrical issue, or could be a result of broken or worn out parts. Either way, it will need the attention of a registered and qualified gas engineer.

If you notice any of these signs, and would like more information or advice, contact us today at Charter Heating.