Can a new boiler help you save money?

With energy prices soaring, a new boiler could be a good investment, despite the initial cost of purchase and installation. This is because a new boiler can help you save money in the long run. Here at Charter Heating, we are leading heating and gas engineers, and we have produced this guide to everything you should know about saving money with a new boiler.

So, how can a new boiler help you save money?

A new boiler can be a great addition to your home or property, especially if you are looking to reduce your energy usage, and your energy bills. In fact, there are a number of reasons why a new boiler could help you save money, including:

  • Designed with efficiency in mind- all new boilers now need to meet specific requirements in terms of energy efficiency and as such, most of these boilers will actually convert more than 90 percent of the energy directly into heat. This means that your home or property will be warmer, while using less energy overall.
  • Save on maintenance- while boiler servicing is an essential consideration for every boiler, including new ones, you might be needing to maintain and repair your older boiler more frequently due to natural wear and tear. With a new boiler, these costs will most likely be unnecessary.
  • Boiler settings- newer boilers tend to have a wider range and variety of boiler settings, which include timer, temperature and reactive settings. All of these can help to ensure that your home is warm when you need it to be, without wasting energy at other times.

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