Why should you choose a combination boiler?

A conventional boiler, a system boiler and a combination boiler are all viable options for a range of properties and homes. But which should you choose? Well, although replacing your boiler might be a matter of urgency, you shouldn’t simply choose the first option, or necessarily the easiest. This is because different types of boilers bring a range of different benefits for properties with different requirements. So choosing the boiler that will best service your home, and your needs, is important. So, why should you choose a combination boiler? And what are the benefits of this?

What is a combination boiler?

A combination boiler is different to other types of boiler, because it combines the heating element with the boiler itself, so there is no need for any additional hot water tanks or cold water tanks.

So, why should you choose a combination boiler?

So, why should you choose a combination boiler and what kind of benefits can you expect? Well there are several benefits associated with combination boilers, and these include:

  • Easier to install- combination boilers do not make use of external hot water or cold water tanks which means there is much less pipework, making these ways to install. They also have more installation area options, being able to be installed in the kitchen or garage for example.
  • Unlimited hot water- the water is directed straight from the mains, heated by the boiler and then delivered to your taps
  • Great water pressure- if you live in an area with good water pressure, your combination boiler can help to maintain this level of pressure, as the water is heated directly from the mains

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