Leaky Boiler Heat Exchanger

Keeping your boiler in great condition is essential for keeping your home warm and comfortable, and ensuring hot water is available when you need it. A leaky boiler heat exchanger can have a negative impact on each of these aspects, but what kind of problems can this cause?

What are the main problems caused by a leaky boiler heat exchanger?

One of the most common boiler problems is a leaky heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is designed to transfer heat from the burning of the fuel into the water or steam used to provide building heating. When this leaks it can lead to a number of issues and problems including:

  • boiler inefficiency
  • gas leaks
  • boiler damage

Boiler inefficiency 

The boiler won’t be able to efficiently heat the building if a heat exchanger develops leaks. As a result, the boiler will run continuously without reaching the desired temperature, which would raise energy costs.

Gas leaks

The discharge of harmful gases into the atmosphere is another problem that may result from a leaky heat exchanger. Burning fuel produces the poisonous gas carbon monoxide, which can escape from a defective heat exchanger and enter the atmosphere. Inhaling carbon monoxide can be lethal, so it’s critical to take immediate action if your heat exchanger is leaking. You will need to contact a trained and qualified gas safe engineer to ensure that your property and household stay safe.

Boiler damage 

The boiler itself may also sustain damage from a leaky heat exchanger. Rust and corrosion can occur in the combustion chamber as a result of water and steam leaks. This could reduce the boiler’s lifespan and result in necessary but expensive repairs.

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