Boiler thermostat settings

Here at Charter Heating, we are boiler and gas experts. And we work across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, to Bedfordshire and Middlesex to provide top quality heating solutions. This includes installing, servicing and repairing boilers. As a result, one of the questions we are often asked is “What temperature should the boiler thermostat be set to?” That’s why we have produced this guide to boiler thermostat settings, for condensing boilers.

Temperature factors

When it comes to heating your home, there are a range of factors that can influence the temperature your home reaches. These include:

  • the size of your boiler
  • the amount of radiators
  • the age and condition of your central heating system
  • the temperature controls available

The amount of radiators

If your home has a lot of radiators, for the size of the boiler, it will be more difficult for the boiler to distribute the heat around the central heating system. As a result, in this case, you should turn your thermostat up to reach your desired temperature. However, this will cost you more in energy bills. And this is one of the main reasons you should make sure that you install the right size boiler for the number of radiators you have.

The general size guidelines are:

24-27kw: 10 radiators
28-34kw: 15 radiators
35-42kw- 20+ radiators

If you have an equal or less amount of radiators, then you should NOT turn your boiler thermostat up.

The condensing technology

Condensing boilers will reheat cooler water, after it has been circulated around your central heating system. This makes it up to 90% more efficient than older systems. However, turning your thermostat up can prevent this from happening, as the steam will be too hot to cool, and will simply be released.

Use three thermostats

The most effective and cost saving method for heating control is to use three thermostats, the boiler thermostat, set to a middle temperature, the room thermostat and the radiator thermostats. These three thermostats will all work together to achieve the best possible temperature for your home. Without costing you a fortune.

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