Signs that your boiler needs replacing

When it comes to your condensing boiler, any small problems or issues can actually be an indicator of a more serious complaint. It is also extremely disruptive to your day to day routine if your boiler does show an issue. This is why being able to recognise these signs is so important. Here at Charter Heating, we are boiler specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to signs that your boiler needs replacing.

#1 Kettling

Strange noises, like gurgling and whistling may from time to time be heard coming from your radiators. This is known as kettling, and it can be one of the signs that your boiler needs replacing.

Kettling occurs when sludge and lime scale build up on the heat exchanger within the boiler. This makes it a lot more difficult for your boiler to heat the water properly, and it means your boiler needs to use more fuel to work effectively. As a result, the components within your boiler will be under more pressure and strain, making them more likely to suffer wear and tear.

If you notice the signs of kettling, contact a professional and qualified engineer today.

#2 Switch off

Another of the signs that your boiler needs replacing is if it keeps on turning itself off. This may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it is more than likely hiding a larger and more sinister issue.

A boiler that switches off is likely receiving the wrong signal from the thermostat or the valve. This can indicate a complicated electrical issue, or broken or worn out parts. Either way, it will need the attention of a registered and qualified gas engineer.

#3 Leaks and Drips

Leaking pipes anywhere in your central heating system is an issue. However, it is not always one that is connected to the boiler. A leak within or very close to the boiler, on the other hand, is a serious issue.

Boilers that are leaking are not likely to be operating at the correct water pressure, or pushing water consistently around the central heating system. As a result, you will need to contact a professional.

If you notice any of these signs, and would like more information or advice, contact us today at Charter Heating.