What do you check for as part of a boiler service?

A regular boiler service with one of our qualified Gas Safe Engineers is vital to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently, and it can also pick up on any wear and tear that may cause serious problems down the line. The services includes the following checks:

1. The visual inspection
Our first look is at where and how your boiler has been positioned. We look at the age and condition of the fittings and if they comply with current Building Regulations. This is crucial if you are a Landlord. It needs to comply with Gas Safety Regulations, Water By-Laws, Electrical Part P Regulations, Manufacturer’s installation instructions, British Standards and European Norms.

2. Is it working properly?
Our engineers will always fire up the boiler to see if there are any obvious faults with its current operation. Our engineers will soon know when something doesn’t sound right, which gives us an idea of what the problem might be. We also check if the boiler is giving off any abnormal smell, or if there is any unnecessary vibration in your pipes or radiators.

3. Internal component inspection
Once we remove the casing, we will check each component and make sure they are all clean, not overheating, or showing signs of wear and tear. We check the Flue terminal for obstructions as well. The main components we check are the heat exchanger, spark centre probe, burner, injector, condenser trap, the seals, the fans, the flue terminal, all the electric circuits, and the internal pipework and joints

4. Main gas valve test
We use a flue gas analyser to test the main gas valve with a combustion check to make sure the boiler is combusting properly, and working to its manufacturer’s requirements.

5. Gas pressure test
We will examine the gas pressure inside the pipe work to your property. This can show us if there are any gas leaks. We use a device called a manometer connected to the pressure testing point on your gas meter. It should comply with the current standards. If we find that the pressure drops or is very low, it could be a gas leak and our next task will be to find the cause of it and fix it for you.

Boiler serving is just one of the heating services in Watford that we provide. For more information, call us today on 01923 778493.