Check your heating while it’s still (almost) summer

As the kids return to school, summer holidays fade from memory and autumn favourites return to our TV screens, it’s a good time of year to check your home before the cold weather really sets in.

In particular, it makes sense to check out your heating system before you come to switch it on for the first time this winter. After all, you may not have used it for months.

Check, for example, that all your radiators are heating up the way they should. Is your boiler playing up or is it behaving as it should?

At the same time, it makes sense to get an annual servicing of your boiler at this time of year. If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s things going wrong in the middle of the winter when you need warmth most. Regular servicing nips problems in the bud and can save you a lot in the way of time, money and hassle.

Go with a local trusted provider such as ourselves, and always make sure any contractors are Gas Safe Registered.

If your radiators still feel cold or partly cold when turned on, the most likely issue is air in the pipes. The solution for this is to bleed the radiators. Still having problems? Unfortunately, the system could have silt or sludge built up in it.

One answer could be to buy a sludge remover from a DIY store, and most cost less than £50. This is not an especially difficult or technical job in itself, but it is a messy one, so you may want to consider calling us out to take care of the problem for you.

The next job is to make sure outdoor pipes are not exposed. This avoids cracks and freezing.

Finally, check that your loft has the right depth of insulation – get this done now. Your local council may have some suggestions on help with the expense of this. Remember that draft proofing and loft insulation not only keep you toasty all winter, they’re also kinder to the environment and doing it will save you money too.