Simple tips for a warmer winter home

Simple tips for a warmer winter home

Here at Charter Heating, we know how important it is to make sure your heating system is well maintained, both for vital safety concerns, and to keep heating costs as low as you can. With this action undertaken (if you haven’t, please contact us to discuss how we can help), the key question then is: what else can you do to keep that little bit warmer as the cold weather bites? Obviously, major steps like the installation of insulation are a given, but in the short term, there are several simpler steps you can take. These could even be accepted as the classic words of wisdom – “things your grandma could have taught you”.

Seal those cracks

Have a look round any older windows or doorframes and see if there are any cracks where a winter wind could howl its way through. Sealing these will be a help. You might also find these where exterior cabling for entertainment systems enters a room.

Use that oven

When cooking or baking, leave the oven door partly open as it cools down after use. Instead of residual heat being wasted, it can add a touch of warmth to your whole kitchen.

Carpet icy floors

If you have wooden or tile floors, hitting these with cold feet on a winter morning can instantly lead to a desire to switch on every heating device! Try putting a rug down to prevent the shock.

Close unused air vents

Many double-glazed windows feature vents to allow some air to enter. You might want these kept open in room where there’s a lot of action, but if you have any barely-used guest or store rooms, these could be closed over the winter.

Seal the loft entrance

Look to put silicone or other sealing strips around the entrance to the loft if you have one. On windy days, if you hear doors rattling, this might be a useful tip to help prevent drafts in these places as well.

Turn down your heating

Consider using the heating thermostat more and the on and off switch less. Turning the temperature down just a degree or two can result in decent cost savings. As your grandmother would surely say: “Just put a jumper on”.

Ensure radiators aren’t blocked

Make sure the heat from your radiators isn’t blocked by furniture or heavy curtains. These could be blocking much needed heat from circulating around the room.

Lastly, a final warning word. At all times, but especially when your home is more “sealed up” during the winter, it’s vital to keep everyone protected from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you want to know how, please give us a call here at Charter Heating on 01923 778493.