Spring clean your central heating system

If you’re spring cleaning your home, don’t forget that your heating system could also do with a clear-out to ensure it works efficiently.

As the weather improves, now is the best time to have your central heating system cleaned with a power flush.

Water in the system causes corrosion in steel radiators, resulting in a black sludge. If the system is untreated, it can damage your boiler, create pin holes and leaks in radiators, damage your thermostatic radiator valves, and block pipework.

It can also cost you up to 25% more on your bills as the system isn’t operating at full efficiency, and make your boiler noisy.

If your heating engineer flushes out your system, then adds a corrosion inhibitor, the system should remain clear for a long time. That protects your boiler and radiators, and prevents blocked pipes. A power flush will remove up to 95% of all the sludge and corrosion in the system.

How it works

We will use a Clearflow CF90 Quantum to flush your system. The powerful pump and our non-harmful chemicals will dislodge and move corrosion and sludge. Our magnetic filtration unit will be attached to attract and dispose of this corrosion as fresh water is pushed through the system. Contaminated water is forced out through a dump valve and into the waste.

We flush out each radiator individually without the need for them to be disconnected from the system while we do it.

Then, we add an inhibitor to prevent corrosion and scaling, and it takes just minutes to put the system back into full operation.

Other benefits

Power flushing helps reduce the emissions from greenhouse gases, reduces your maintenance costs, and helps to extend the lifespan of your central heating system.

Call us today to book your system’s power flush on 01923 778493.