Four boiler maintenance tips

Regular maintenance will keep your boiler in top condition, and hopefully ensure years of trouble-free service. Here are our top 4 tips:

1. Keep your boiler room dust free

The room or cabinet your boiler is kept in has the uncanny knack of picking up dust like no other part of the house. In order to ensure the efficient running of the system, you must try to keep your boiler and its space dust free, especially any fans that are part of the machinery.

2. Lubrication is key

Lubrication – of parts such as the pumps and fans – is one of the key elements of boiler maintenance, but you should only attempt this job if you are familiar with all the parts of a boiler, and their function. Refer to your instruction manual, read the safety section, and always remember the professionals are only a call away should you need a helping hand.

3. Check the water level regularly

It should be the homeowner’s responsibility to check that the water level of their boiler is up to the point recommended in the instruction manual. You should conduct this check at least every fortnight, and if the level looks unusually low, this is a safety risk and it is time to call us as soon as possible.

4. Descale when you can

This is another job which is usually carried out by the professionals. As with many metallic vessels, limescale is quick to build on the inside of boilers – it can stop your boiler from working properly, and thus should be removed periodically.

If you think your boiler could be due for a service, contact us today for a free quote.