Half of Europe’s Space Heating Could Be Renewable within 20 Years

A recent study suggests that by 2040, renewable energy will be heating half of Europe’s homes.

According to IHS, the Leading Global Source of Critical Information, natural gases could be pushed out of homes within the next half a decade in order to reduce the carbon footprints of families in Europe. This will take Europe one step closer to their global warming targets for 2030.

With the predicted refurbishment of many buildings to fit in with a greener Europe. They will be offered the most practical and affordable opportunities in order to get involved with the demise.

It is regarded that there are around 93 million gas-based boilers, but by offering new boilers which will make for lower bills and extended boiler life.

“Utilities can support consumers by installing new heating systems, especially hybrid systems, which could be a route to meeting future climate goals,” Mann said. “If combined with an energy management contract, this could be a valuable and sustainable new source of revenue. This alternative to volume-based sales models is a crucial point, since it represents an approach to decarbonization in which forward-looking business interests and policymaking can work together.”

It won’t be just our homes being the focus of the change but many companies are looking to go green in order to effectively counter global warming. In order to hit the predicted outcome, the new hybrid systems will be rolled out.

With new forms of income for companies providing boilers, it’s an exciting time for Europe as these changes will be rolled out and allow us to live in a healthier world.