Heating for the Conservatory

You’ve gone to all the effort to either get a conservatory added to your house and you’re basically going to avoid it because you’ll be freezing in the winter? Summer is definitely not a worry because it’s practically a greenhouse as you relax inside but it seems as soon as the frosty season comes around then it’s a room wasted. Not no more with these handy hints!

Electric Radiators

The standard plug in radiators can be a bit of an eyesore and therefore are avoided but if you look more into electric radiators then you can find the perfect type that gets attached to the wall in order to look well fitted into the room and gives the conservatory sufficient warmth. Depending on the size of the conservatory will depend on the size of the radiator.

Heated Flooring

If you want to keep your conservatory looking simplistic and relaxing then this might be the option for you as the warmth rises from the floor. The downside to this however is that it can take quite a while to warm up so you could be waiting for a while. May people have this done in their bathrooms in order to keep a cosy feeling to their household.


Although usually associated with the summer to keep us cool, often air-conditioning can keep us warm by pumping warm air into the room. Sometimes this can’t always be reliable though and it’s recommended to use another form of heating as well as this.

Gas Central Heating

Although extending your pipe line can cause quite a bit of hassle when it comes down to it, it appears to be the best and consistent form of heat. It’s worth having a look into and getting it done as you’re building your extension in order to save you time.