Reasons why your radiator isn’t working

Your home radiators are important for heating the rooms in the property, and keeping the temperature comfortable even in the winter. This means that when your radiator stops working it can be highly disruptive, and it can be important to resolve any issues effectively. But what are the main reasons why your radiator isn’t working? And why is professional involvement important?

What are the main reasons why your radiator isn’t working?

There are a number of factors that can cause your radiator to not work correctly. These reasons include:

  • Air trapped in the system- One of the biggest reasons for radiators to have problems heating is the presence of air pockets within the radiator. These air pockets can prevent the circulation of hot water, leading to uneven heating or even a cold radiator. Bleeding the radiator will release these trapped air pockets and improve the performance of your radiators and heating.
  • Thermostat issues- An often overlooked factor to consider when it comes to broken radiators is the thermostat itself. This is because a faulty thermostat may prevent the radiator from turning on when needed, as if the thermostat isn’t accurately detecting the temperature, it will not be able to signal the radiator to heat up.
  • Blocked or corroded pipework- Hot water flow can become impeded over time by sediment, corrosion, or debris that accumulate inside the pipes. The radiator’s heat output may be lowered as a result of this obstruction, leaving your radiator feeling cold to the touch.
  • Faulty valves- The flow of hot water into the radiator is controlled by valves. This means that a jammed, broken, or malfunctioning valve may prevent hot water from reaching the radiator and heating the space.
  • Problems with the boiler- The boiler provides the radiator’s heat, and so if the boiler isn’t operating properly, it won’t be able to supply the radiator with the appropriate hot water, leaving cold areas or no heat at all.

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