Choosing the right boiler size

Choosing the right boiler size is essential. Too large, and you may spend more on heating bills, and too small, and you will struggle to warm your home. Although this can be a confusing topic, here at Charter Heating, we are boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing the right size boiler.

Number of people

The number of people in your home can greatly influence the amount of water needed. A family of 4 for instance will need a lot more hot water than a single occupant. This means that a boiler with a larger power output may be necessary.

The size of the home

Again, the size of the home can influence the size of the boiler necessary. Generally, this is because of the number of bathrooms or radiators. A smaller home will require a boiler with a smaller power output than a larger home.

The quality of the insulation

A home with top quality cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing will retain its heat for longer. As a result, some larger homes may be able to downsize the power output required of the boiler. This is because a warmer home means less boiler usage.

A rough guide to boiler sizing:

Combination boilers have 3 sizes. These are:

  • 24-27kw- This is the smallest size and is perfect for smaller homes and flats. A home with less than 10 radiators and only one bathroom will find this boiler size is perfect.
  • 28-34kw- This is the medium size boiler suitable for 3-4 bedroom homes. This size boiler will service two bathrooms and up to 15 radiators with no problems.
  • 35-42kw- This is the largest boiler size and is suitable for very large properties and hotels. It will service multiple bathrooms and more than 20 radiators with no issue.

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