How to avoid illegal gas fitters

guide to boiler servicing

Boiler breakdowns are never easy or convenient. Consequently, when a boiler breakdown occurs, its easy to be duped by an illegal gas fitter. But how can you avoid these rogue traders? And how can you make sure you choose the right company? Here at Charter Heating we are experts at all things gas. This is our guide to avoiding illegal gas fitters.

The gas safe register

The Gas Safe Register has a record of all professional and qualified gas engineers. This record holds information about what exactly the gas fitter is qualified to do. Someone who is qualified in boiler installation for example, may not be registered to work with your gas fire. As a result, hiring a gas fitter from this register will make sure that you won’t get ripped off.

Illegal gas fitter profile

In addition, the Gas Safe Register have developed a profile of the typical illegal gas fitter. This includes small details, such as:

  • Company size. Illegal gas fitters tend to work for small companies or be sole traders.
  • Work undertaken. An illegal gas engineer may also offer building services and electrical work.
  • Many illegal gas engineers advertise online and on social media. They probably won’t have a company website either.

How to avoid an illegal gas fitter

  • Use the Gas Safe Register to select a gas engineer as they will be qualified professionals.
  • Make sure they show you a Gas Safe Register ID card. This proves they are legally qualified to work on your gas appliances.
  • Check the other side of the ID card. This contains information regarding what the engineer is legally qualified to work on. This includes specific appliances.

In summary

The gas safe register makes sure that people don’t get ripped off by dodgy engineers. Cutting corners on gas work is risky business. Here at Charter Heating, we can guarantee you a safe and legal service. We are professional and qualified engineers. Why not contact us today?