4 Heating Myths Debunked!

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With Summer finally drawing to a close, Winter is rapidly approaching us and for many of you, this means; drawing the curtains, turning up the heating and wearing the biggest, fluffiest socks you own and drinking hot chocolate until your heart’s content. Trouble is, this could mean your heating and energy prices are going up and this is all down to you paying more than you need to when we’re here to tell you 5 heating lies you’ve been told in the past.

Turn your heating up if it’s cold outside
Around 52% of people all over the country said that they automatically turn their thermostat up when it gets cold – you don’t need to actually do this because a thermostats job is to maintain the temperature, whatever the weather.

Keep electric heaters on at all times
It has been confirmed that only 38% of people know how electric heaters work and this means people who have electric heating could be paying more than they need to as they are not taking advantage of a cheaper rate concerning heating at night.

Keep your water heated all day
Instead of leaving it on all day, if your water heater has a good insulator then the water will stay heated for half the day if you put it on in the morning. The best thing to do is have it come on, half an hour before you wake up!

Leave the heating on low constantly
People tend to think that it’s more energy efficient to have the heating on a low temperature constantly rather than turning it on and off. This means that the home is heated when no one is there and cold when people are back. Have your heating on a constant temperature so you can benefit more and pay less.