Different combination boiler sizes

Choosing a boiler that is the right size for your property is extremely important. Especially if you want to get the most efficient performance and save on energy bills. Here at Charter Heating, we are boiler installation, repair and maintenance specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to the different boiler size options. So, what size should your boiler be?

What size should your boiler be?

Boilers are available in a range of sizes, to suit a range of properties and households. From boarding lodges and B and B’s, to a one bed-roomed flat or bedsit, properties are available in all different sizes. And to make sure that these are heated effectively, there are three different boiler sizes available: small, medium and large.

To determine the size boiler you need, you should consider:

  • The number of radiators your property has- more radiators need more fuel, which means a larger boiler would be better.
  • How many people live in your property- this is important as more people will use more hot water, and your boiler will have to keep up with a lot of demand. In comparison, one person will use much less hot water.
  • The number of bathrooms- this is another consideration to take into account, as hot water may need to be delivered to two bathrooms at once, which will require a larger boiler.

What are the different combination boiler sizes?

The official size guide for combination boilers is as follows:

  • Small- 24-27kw- Perfect for homes with less than 10 radiators and only one bathroom.
  • Medium-28-34kw- Perfect for homes with two bathrooms and up to 15 radiators
  • Large-35-42kw- Perfect for very large buildings like hotels. This boiler will be suitable for more than 20 radiators and many bathrooms.

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