Considerations for a new boiler installation

Choosing and installing a new boiler is often a matter of priority for many homeowners and property developers who need to get the heating and hot water back on as quickly as possible. But installing a new boiler effectively is something that needs to be done with care. In fact there are several important pointers to think about before installing any type of boiler. Even combination boilers. Here at Charter Heating, we are leading heating engineers and boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about boiler installation.

What are the important considerations for a new boiler installation?

So, what are the considerations to be taken into account when installing any boiler? Well, there are several including:

  • The load on the wall- A boiler can be heavy, especially with a tank of water. Even the smallest combination boiler will need to be installed on a strong brick wall.
  • Flue and pipework- The flue pipe is responsible for carrying waste gases away from the boiler and out of your home. There are some regulations that stipulate minimum distances, regarding how far your flue needs to be beyond the windows, buildings and air bricks. This may influence your decision about where to install your boiler in the first instance.
  • Access- Wherever you choose to install your boiler, make sure there is sufficient access. This includes in garages, attics, and basements. Repairs and maintenance are essential for any boiler, so make sure it is installed somewhere practical.
  • Frost Protection- Another thing to consider is frost protection for any boilers in the extremities of the building, or the garage. Pipes and the boiler itself will need protecting from the cold weather, that could cause burst pipes and boiler breakdowns.

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