Save on heating bills this winter

It’s officially the Christmas season, and the weather has definitely turned a lot colder. But that doesn’t mean you should be paying over the odds for your heating. So now that the colder weather has begun, its the perfect time to think about your heating bills, and how to stay on top of them. Here at Charter Heating, we are heating and gas experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you save on heating bills this winter.

Boiler servicing

The first thing you should do is get your boiler serviced. If you are part of a boiler plan, this might even be free. But even if you have to pay, it’s definitely worth the cost. In fact, a boiler service can help to prevent a full boiler breakdown, something you dont need with Christmas around the corner. Not only that, a boiler service can make sure your boiler is working at maximum efficiency, especially as you might not have used it much so far this year. An efficient boiler will be making good use of every piece of fuel, and as a result, will be costing less to run.

Don’t turn up the thermostat

Although the weather has changed and the temperature has certainly dropped, dont be tempted to turn up your thermostat every time you feel a chill. Instead, a much more cost effective method is to turn the thermostat up to a slightly warmer temperature than usual, perhaps even 20 or 21, as this is considered to be optimum room temperature. Then, whenever the temperature in your home drops below this, your heating will come on to warm your home. This is more cost effective as the boiler wont have to fire up or down too much to keep your home consistently warm, because it is maintaining a steady temperature. Of course, if you have loft insulation and wall insulation, this will be even more effective, as it will take longer for your home to lose heat.

For more tips and advice, or for boiler servicing, get in touch with the experts today, here at Charter Heating.