Buyers Guide to boiler sizes

When it comes to boilers, we are the specialists you can rely on, here at Charter Heating. And as you might be thinking of treating your home to a new boiler this New Year, when could be better to discuss boiler sizes? From boilers that are too large, wasting fuel, to boilers that are too small, struggling to heat your radiators, boiler sizes can vary. And it is important to choose the right boiler size for your property. As a result, we have produced this buyers guide to boiler sizes.

How many people in your home?

The number of people that live in your home, and will be needing to use the boilers services, does determine how large your boiler should be. This is because, if you need more water, for more people, you may need a slightly larger boiler. After all, a family of 4 will be using more hot water than a family of 2. This means that even though the heating requirements will remain the same, the family of 4 may need a larger boiler with a larger power output.

How big is your home?

If your home is a cozy cottage sized home, with one or two bedrooms, you will likely need a smaller boiler than a 4 bedroomed home. However, it’s not all about the size of the property. What it technically comes down to is the number of radiators and bathrooms. After all, these are waht the boiler will be serving. So a home with more radiators will need a larger boiler than a home with fewer radiators.

How much insulation do you have?

The final point regards the insulation in your property. If your larger home has top quality wall and loft insulation, as well as double glazing and thermal solutions for any large glass doors, your home will retain heat much more effectively. This means that you may be able to rely on a slightly smaller boiler, as your home will be naturally warmer.

Combination boiler size guide:

24-27kw- Perfect for homes with less than 10 radiators and only one bathroom.
28-34kw- Perfect for homes with two bathrooms and up to 15 radiators
35-42kw- Perfect for very large buildings like hotels. This boiler will be suitable for more than 20 radiators and many bathrooms.

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