Could LPG Tumblr Dryers be the Future?

As stated before that gas will be the primary fuel to heat our homes by 2040, recent research has discovered that LPG tumble dryers cost 25% to run than normal, standard tumble dryers. This makes them a more suitable kitchen appliance for the homes that are currently off the gas grid.

These particular tumble dryers use gas and heat to dry the clothes and while that sound expensive, it’s not. Even though they still use a tiny amount of electric to power the machine, it’s still less than 10% of the power used to operate an electric tumble dryer.

LPG tumble dryers whilst being cheaper to run, are also more energy efficient too. They have an energy rating of A whereas most standard tumble dryers have an energy rating of C. This in turn means they are up to 40% more efficient than regular dryers.

Companies are starting to recommend switching from heating alternatives such as electricity, oil and/or solid fuel to LPG as Calor says installers will benefit from the additional put in from the conversion. This ranges from fitting a new LPG boiler/tumble dryer to other LPG appliances such as cookers and fires.

An appliance manager at Calor – Teresa Wafer says, “Installer managers should arm themselves with these statistics about the cost and energy saving benefits. Also, inform their off the grid customers about the benefits in order to gain new installation work.”

Having an LPG tumble dryer will decrease the build-up of static in many fabrics and having a reverse action means that clothing will less likely be prone to creases and tangles.

LPG dryers can also be fuelled by Calor gas which is in bottles or from other larger tanks if LPG is already being used for home heating.

It seems everyone is heading towards a greener future!