What is the right room temperature?

Conversations and arguments about the thermostat happen all winter. But what is the right temperature to set your thermostat too? Here at Charter Heating, we are leading boiler and gas experts, and this is our guide to everything you should know about the right UK room temperature.

So, what is the right room temperature?

The average homeowner in the UK will have the thermostat set to 20 degrees or above. But this is not the ideal room temperature, and it could be increasing your energy bills needlessly. In fact, the perfect room temperature for UK homes is between 18 and 20 degrees, with temperatures exceeding this being uncomfortable, and temperatures lower than this causing health problems. Of course, at night, the optimal temperature is lower and should be set to around 16 to 18 degrees instead, for a comfortable and restful night sleep.

How can you set the room temperature?

To set your room temperature to a comfortable level to keep your home warm in the winter you should consider:

  • Using the boiler timer- a boiler timer will set the time for the boiler to switched on, and off again, on a daily schedule. This can help ensure that you don’t forget to switch off the boiler when the home has heated through, and it can help to make sure that less fuel is wasted.
  • Using a smart thermostat- a smart thermostat is one that can connect your heating system to the internet. This allows you to change your home temperature easily and effortlessly with manual controls as well as through a smart phone or laptop. This gives you more control over the temperature of the rooms in your home, and can be a modern and effective solution over the winter months.

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