Reasons why boilers may turn on unexpectedly

Here at Charter Heating, we are leading professional gas and boiler experts. We provide solutions for homeowners, landlords, and commercial businesses around Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, and Bedfordshire. This includes professional boiler servicing, repairs and installation. One of the common problems at this time of year is that the boiler may seem to switch on and off at random which can be highly inconvenient and could be increasing your energy bills. But what are the causes of this?

What are the main reasons why boilers may turn on unexpectedly?

There are a number of reasons why boilers may turn on unexpectedly. These include:

  • A pre-heating combi boiler- if you have a combi boiler this may have a preheating feature which will mean that the boiler turns on occasionally to ensure that the water is the right temperature for when the hot water taps are switched on.
  • Short cycling- this is when the boiler switches itself on and off to prevent overheating when the heat it generates cannot disperse quickly enough. This often happens with boilers that are too large or powerful for the space. Short cycling can also be caused by a poorly designed system, pump issues, radiator sludge and undersized pipes.
  • A PCB problem- The PCB is the heart of your boiler and if this has a fault then it may fail to recognise the timer settings and result in the boiler switching on despite the timer settings. If this is the cause of the issue then it will need to be repaired or replaced by a qualified and professional team.
  • High boiler pressure- water pressure can cause your boiler to seem to turn off and on randomly. This is because when the water pressure in your central heating system is too high, damage can be caused to the boiler and central heating components, which will result in the boiler shutting down, when it should be on. Once cooled, the boiler may then fire up again, only to again shut down because of the high water pressure.

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