Is your boiler A grade efficient?

At the start of 2015, new efficiency standards were introduced to bring the UK’s boiler ratings in line with those of the rest of Europe. The theory behind it is that millions of pounds can be saved on energy bills for domestic and commercial gas users, and as a result, bring down energy consumption across Europe by 10% over the next five years.

This means that all boilers produced need to follow something called the Ecodesign Directive. This sets out new minimum requirements for all central heating boilers; and to make it easier for the consumer to understand, new labelling will also come into force, making it simple to understand how a boiler could save money over the time it’s installed.

To get an A grade, a boiler needs to be able to reach 90% efficiency. The standard for other grades, G to B, is lower at around 50 – 81%. With all the advances being made, a new grade of A+++ will be possible in 2019, which will apply for super efficient boilers such as heat pumps. The plan is to phase out less efficient boilers, and have a more efficient boiler in every home.

Don’t just focus on the money and energy saving though – by having a more efficient boiler installed, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by creating fewer CO2 emissions. Central heating boilers make up 16% of all CO2 emissions in the UK, and 17% across Europe. If everyone replaced their boiler with a more efficient model, 400 million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be prevented.

If all this sounds appealing but rather expensive, don’t worry. The government is running the Green Deal scheme, which will let you have a new energy efficient boiler installed, with no cost upfront. They will effectively give you a loan, which you repay through the savings you make on your energy bill. You could have the energy efficient boiler you want, saving your household money and doing your bit for the planet. Give Charter a call to talk about how to make your boiler do its bit for you.