Fire Warning Issued by Gas Safe Register for Winter!

Each year in the UK, Christmas can be one of the most dangerous time when it comes to gas safety according to data provided by the Gas Safe Register and Fire and Rescue Service.

It has been stated that households with gas appliances tend to have more fires than any other and these take place on Christmas Day, than out of any other day in the year. This includes a total 17% of boilers, cookers and fires that have all been investigated over the last 5 years – all of them being deemed unsafe.

It has also been found that this year, over a fifth of households have not had their appliances checked which means that a potential 12 million people could be at risk of living with unsafe gas appliances.

The Chief Executive at Gas Safe Register – Jonathan Samuel said: “Although Christmas is a very busy time of the year, it is really important your gas appliances have been checked and are running safely. With our data showing that December can be dangerous for homeowners, Gas Safe Register is reminding people to get their annual gas safety checks so this Christmas can be a safe one”.

Below are some fire prevention tips so you can stay safe this Christmas:

  1. Only use a Gas Safe registered engineer when having gas work carried out in your home.
  2. Always check their Gas Safe ID card, especially the back which will state which appliances they’re allowed to work on.
  3. It’s always good to speak to your energy supplier to see if they can provide a free gas safety check.
  4. If you smell gas or think you may have a gas leak, call an engineer right away and be as safe as possible.